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We're here to provide you with answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our services. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in your Wedding Film package?​​

A: All Wedding Film packages include a teaser, unedited raw footage, and a personalized gallery for easy download, social media sharing, or streaming on your smart TV using the VidFlow app. Feel free to explore some of our sample videos on the main page.

Q: Can we customize our Wedding Film package?

A: Certainly! We offer fully customizable packages, with our Wedding Film being the main course. We also provide a range of à la carte services, such as additional shoot hours, multi-cam ceremony and speech edits, documentary edits, and engagement videos. Please get in touch with us for more information on customizing a package to fit your specific needs.​

Q: How long will it take to receive our Wedding Film after the wedding?

A: We have a highly competitive 8-week turnaround unless mentioned otherwise.​

Q: Do you travel for weddings?

A: Yes, we do travel for weddings! We are available worldwide and would love to discuss the details of your destination wedding. Please contact us for more information, and we will be happy to work with you to create a customized package that fits your needs.

Q: What is your filming style?

A: Our filming style is inspired by an intimate, handheld documentary style often seen in independent movies. We focus on capturing true-to-life colors without filters and creating a stunningly intimate atmosphere with a shallow depth of field. Our top priority is exceptional picture and audio quality, which helps bring you right into the moment. To achieve the highest visual standards, we use specialized equipment such as various microphones, highly stabilized gimbal shots, tripods, and more.​

Q: How many videographers will be at the wedding?

A: Our "Minimony" film features one solo cinematographer, while the Heirloom package includes the services of two highly skilled cinematographers. For the Same Day Collection, we take it a step further by providing two cinematographers and an onsite editor. Our editor also serves as a camera operator in the morning and during the ceremony to ensure seamless coverage throughout the day.​

Q: Do you offer drone footage?

A: We may be able to capture drone footage of your location, depending on the legal restrictions in the airspace. However, please note that no-fly zones typically extend up to five miles around airports. Therefore, we will need to check the legalities of the airspace around your location to ensure that drone footage is feasible.​

Q: Can we choose the music for our Wedding Film?

A: We work collaboratively with you to determine your musical preferences for the wedding film. Many couples choose to share a playlist with us, which we use as a guide to match their preferred musical style. We ensure that we obtain the necessary rights for any music used in the film, so you can enjoy your special day without any copyright concerns.

Q: How do we secure our booking with your company? 

A: Contact us today!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: To secure your wedding date, we require a non-refundable retainer to lock in the date, with half of the total amount due at the time of signing the contract. While the retainer is non-refundable, we are happy to work with you to reschedule your wedding date.

Q: Can we request specific shots to be included in the film?

A: Certainly! We encourage our clients to be as involved as they'd like in the creative process, including requesting specific shots to be included in the final film. ​

Q: Can we see some samples of your work?

A: Yes! Please check out our Gallery on the main page!​

Q: How do we receive the raw footage?

A: We provide the raw video footage compressed and uploaded to a Dropbox link, which can be easily downloaded to your computer.

Q: What equipment do you use for filming?

A: Our equipment includes two highly compact 4K mirrorless Sony A7Cs, a Canon R6 Mark II, Manfrotto tripods, a 3-point lighting kit, a Tascam DR40 field recorder, two Tascam DR10L wireless LAVs, a Mavic Air drone, a variety of short and long-range lenses, and more as we are often updating our gear. We use this specialized equipment to capture the highest quality footage and audio for your wedding film.

Q: What happens if you get sick?

A: In the unlikely event that we are unable to attend your wedding due to sickness or an emergency, we have a network of cinematographers who are just as skilled and experienced as we are, and who will be available to cover your event. We will work with you to ensure a seamless transition and to ensure that your wedding day is captured beautifully.

Q: What if I want to change something?

A: Our contract outlines a set of revisions that we can make if requested by our clients. However, this is a very rare occasion.

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